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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Rustic Winter Bird Feeders
Not all birds migrate - some tough out the winter here in Maryland! Make a log bird feeder to take home to your backyard birds and help them survive the season of scarce resources.

Date Time Ages
Sunday, January 13 1:00pm thru 2:30pm 4 - adult, under 13 w/adult

Become part of the volunteer team of invasive plant removers and native plant restorers. Dress for the weather and be prepared to be working at both Leight Park or the Bosely Conservancy. In case of frozen ground or snow accumulation, Invasinators will not meet.

Date Time Ages
Sunday, January 13 1:00pm thru 3:00pm 14 - adult
Sunday, February 10 12:30pm thru 2:30pm 14 - adult

The Mystery of John Smith's Chesapeake Cross Markers
Captain John Smith, on his 1612 map of the Chesapeake Bay, marked the extent of his explorations with 27 "Maltese" crosses. Ed Haile and Connie Lapallo, with the Chesapeake Conservancy, have embarked on a project to pinpoint and mark the cross locations in today's landscape for "modern day adventurers". Please join us for a fascinating afternoon of discovery as poet/ author/historians Ed and Connie weave a tale of exploration, geography, research, cartography, and Chesapeake mystery. This program is for ages 13 to adult. This program is free, but donations are welcome.

Date Time Ages
Sunday, January 13 3:00pm thru 5:00pm 13 - adult



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